Bask in the Convenience of a DIY Home Automation System

When it comes to a DIY home automation system, the sky is the limit with possibilities for convenience and ease. There are a number of great features available, including automated lighting, security, music, and other media. You could even purchase automated appliances, such as a coffee maker that will automatically start brewing at a certain time each day, or a dog feeder that will spout food at programmed times while you’re away. But not home automation can do more than that: it can also act as your personal maid.Mother and son beside door 86496673

Imagine leaving a messy home with bits of last night’s dinner still stuck to the kitchen floor and a glitter mess that your little girls left all over the living room carpet. Your room smells like stinky socks thanks to a late-night run to the gym, and you know there’s no way you’ll have time to clean up between work and your errands to run. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about it. When you walk in your door after work and errands, you breathe in a fresh, clean scent and smile at the glitter-less carpet and the squeaky clean floor. How does this happen? While little house elves might be a good guess, there is a more likely answer: home automated maintenance machines.

These cleaning devices used to cost thousands of dollars, but now they are much more widely available for only a few hundred. They can come in the form of mops, brooms, vacuums, and others. These machines are usually compact, and they can be programmed to clean at certain times of the day or even certain days of the week. Many of them are also capable of learning from the environment around them so that they complete their tasks more efficiently and effectively. Many use motion sensor-type technology to feel their way around corners and get every nook and cranny of your floors. They can come with devices that you can place in certain areas to create “barriers” or invisible lines that the machine won’t cross when cleaning. When it’s finished, the device will simple return to its home hub where it can charge and prepare for the next cleaning.Remote home control 178895291

While this may seem like living in the lap of luxury, these devices can be incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons, and not just because you are wealthy or feel inconvenienced by the need to clean and maintain your home. Some homeowners have busy schedules and simply find themselves without the time to complete these everyday routine tasks. Some parents don’t have the time between work, taking care of kids, and extracurricular activities, making time away from home the perfect time to have an automated cleaning device do the work for them. These can also be incredibly useful tools for the disabled or elderly who may be incapable of doing these menial chores themselves. Purchasing one of these devices can also save money in the long run. While it may be one large immediate lump sum, it’s a lower cost than paying for a maid or cleaning service every month over an extended period of time.

Consider the amazingly convenient benefits of adding automated home maintenance devices to your home automation system to simplify your life!