Having a Plan for Your DIY Security System

Your DIY security system won’t be able to do you much good if you don’t have a plan of action in place for in the event that your system’s defenses are triggered. You may have the door alarms, the window alarms, the surveillance system, the motion sensors, the environmental alarms – but if you don’t know how to react and respond to an emergency situation, your entire system may be for naught. Here are a few tips as to how you can better prepare your family for an emergency or potentially dangerous situation.

Environmental Hazards

When it comes to fires or raised CO levels, make sure that your family has a particular plan set in place for how to respond to the sounding of these

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alarms. If a CO monitor goes off, you should first be aware of whether the beeping is signifying a low battery or dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide. If it truly is signaling a Carbon Monoxide threat, first silence the alarm and open as many windows as you can. Then make sure that you and your family evacuate the house, even if just the back yard or front driveway, after which point someone should call 911 to notify them. Check with all of your family members to see if they feel any flu-like symptoms, and if they do, be sure to notify the police of that as well.

If your smoke detector goes off, the most important thing to remember is to not panic. Your family should have a plan in place so that you know how to react to the alarm. For example, if the alarm goes off, you know someone is baking brownies, and you smell something burning, you should probably first check the oven to make sure that the problem can’t simply be solved by removing the burning food from the oven and ventilating the area. For other more dangerous situations, your family should have a designated meeting area outside your home where all family members can evacuate to. You should also consider installing emergency fire ladders in the rooms with windows that are on any story higher than the first floor, as this could be a life-saving tool.

Burglary or Home Invasion

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While something like a fire could be a very frightening experience, a home invasion has the potential to be even more damaging and traumatizing, as it damages your personal sense of peace and security in the one place you should feel most comfortable and at ease. If burglar alarms are triggered, it’s important that no one panic. You may want to have a plan for all of your family members to congregate together in one place, as the sounding alarm combined with the awoken people may be enough to scare off the intruder. If it appears that intrusion is likely, call 911 right away to report the incident. You may also want to consider having some kind of method of self-defense in the much less likely event that the intruder sticks around.

Help make your DIY home security system a greater benefit to your family by having a plan of action for when alarms are sounded. With a plan in mind, the warning given by your security system can save lives and provide for greater comfort and ease in your home. Don’t let a lack of preparation take away that valuable asset.